Santander to shutter Wise rival PagoFX


Santander to shutter Wise rival PagoFX

PagoFX, the international money transfer service from Banco Santander that was built to take on the likes of Wise and Revolut, is to shut up shop on 30 November.

Best Ways (and Hacks) to Pay For Telco Bills

I found some of the best cards and a few hacks when it comes to paying your telco bills!

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00:00 Cards and hacks for telco payment
00:35 1st card and 1st hack
01:38 Another card and hack
03:31 Probably don’t use this card
04:01 This card is for recurring payment
05:11 Miles cards… some don’t work
06:00 More hacks and tricks

MSFS LIVE | Real World United Airlines OPS + GSX Pro | PMDG 737-800 | Fort Myers to Newark

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To Prosper is to imagine a better version of yourself and go for it | Santander Bank

The Santander Brand has evolved to accompany the bank’s transformation. A simpler and more modern Brand. As you can see in our launch campaign, the protagonist always pursues a better version of himself in order to prosper. More info at

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Joseph Carlson & The Truth Behind His Vindication In The FTX YouTuber Scandal of 2022

In November of 2022 FTX collapsed, bringing down the prices of many cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other larger coins. The resulting fallout lead to a number of YouTube channels and media outlets publishing pieces about the effect YouTube influencers have and those that promoted FTX. This video is a defense of Joseph Carlson’s approach to promoting FTX US.

@Joseph Carlson @Joseph Carlson After Hours

#ftx #ftxus #josephcarlson
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