Santander to hold awards ceremony in metaverse


Santander to hold awards ceremony in metaverse

Santander will host an awards ceremony in the metaverse this week to crown the winners of a global blockchain challenge.

Interviews with Scientists – Renaud Pourpre

Interviews with Scientists – Hello Bio’s Sam Roome speaks to Renaud Pourpre, a scicomm expert and founder of The Lonely Pipette podcast. They discuss his passion for scicomm, the challenges facing science communicators today, the future of scicomm and his exciting new Cell Worlds project - Hello Bio offers affordable life science tools you can really trust: agonists, antagonists, enzyme modulators, ion channel blockers & signalling tools plus lots more! See website for more information:

Impuesto Temporal de Solidaridad de las Grandes Fortunas

Conferencia impartida por Carlos López-Henares, Director de Planificación Patrimonial, en la que se analizan las líneas básicas del nuevo Impuesto Temporal de Solidaridad de las Grandes Fortunas.

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0:00 Inicio de la conferencia
3:30 Aspectos generales de la norma
9:17 ¿Qué grava este impuesto?
12:30 ¿Quién está obligado a pagarlo?
18:00 Tarifa
19:36 Límite en la cuota íntegra
27:55 Reflexiones en torno al devengo
32:00 Comparativa IP vs ITSGF
34:10 Cuestiones formales
34:30 Impacto del impuesto en la práctica
36:20 Impacto del impuesto según comunidades
42:42 Impacto del impuesto en no residentes en territorio Español
45:24 Empresa familiar
46:56 Control de rentas
50:44 Donaciones a ciertos parientes
53:50 Cambios de residencia fiscal
55:36 ¿Inconstitucionalidad de la norma?
1:00:10 Legalidad de aspectos concretos
1:03:40 Turno de preguntas

Monthly preview: Banks’ experiments in the metaverse

The Banker’s Kimberley Long speaks to Joy Macknight about the development of banking in the metaverse, how banks are exploring the space, and what it could mean for fiat and cryptocurrency transactions.

Next Top Metaverse Build Awards Ceremony

“What a joy to see everyone at the #NTMB awards ceremony in Decentraland ��⁠
A big thank you to everyone who participated �� CONGRATULATIONS to our winners ��. Thank you judges for your hard work in picking our winners and a special thanks to Jamestown for letting us host the awards at One Times Square ��”