Santander takes equity stake in venture debt manager Atempo


Santander takes equity stake in venture debt manager Atempo

Banco Santander has acquired a 30% stake venture debt manager Atempo Growth and is participating as an anchor investor in its first fund dedicated to financing high-growth technology companies in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Seville in One Day – Best Places, Timing, Prices, Free Entrance

Organise your trip properly and you can visit everything and have the best experience ever! You will find everything you need to know in this video!

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00:00 Intro
00:39 Airport, Transport, taxi, Uber
01:32 Summer Temperature: how to survive
03:05 City Map
04:55 Plaza de Espana
06:42 Royal Alcazar
08:40 Cathedral de Sevilla
10:00 Flamenco
12:42 The Mushrooms of Sevilla
15:40 Torro del Oro & Promenade
16:11 Ships
16:50 Restaurants, food, drinks
21:27 Interesting Shops

Catedral de Sevilla
La Casa del Flamenco
Setas de Sevilla

Sushi (our highlight):
Paella: La Paella Sevilla, El 3 d Oro
Tapas: Duo Tapas Bar, La Sede
Churros: Bar El Comercio
Railway Santa Justa: Healthy Poke Sevilla, Ananas Coffee & Brunch

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Santander Online Banking – View, navigate and transact with the ‘My Accounts’ homepage

We’ll walk you through what’s available from My Accounts homepage in Santander Online Banking.

My Accounts Homepage shows all of your important information in one easy to manage screen. From here you can make quick transfers, access secure messages, apply for other products and use special offers.

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Wealth Talk: The Great Re-Alignment | Original version

We face a unique challenge: how to feed 9 billion people in 2050 with a
finite stock of land, water and natural resources, while adapting to a
warmer and less predictable climate with more extreme weather events.

We need to identify the trends, risks and change factors that can drive
the great transformation our planet needs. A great alignment is needed
on the part of companies, financial institutions and regulators to ensure
that all efforts contribute to the common goal.

We talk about this with Clare Shine, Director and CEO of the
Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), who has
been working on the link between sustainable development,
organizational change and culture for more than three decades. Her
clear vision of what needs to be done to make significant progress in
sustainability is widely recognized internationally.

This talk is an outcome of the partnership between Santander X,
Santander Universities’ global initiative to promote innovation as a lever
for improving productivity, employment and economic growth, and Future
Wealth, Santander Private Banking’s advisory framework for promoting
investment in megatrends.

Santander Online Banking – Account Alerts to help you stay on top of your money

Find out how to receive alerts to your mobile phone when specific things happen in your accounts.