Money 20/20 EU: PagoNxt on verticalisation and trend-setting


Money 20/20 EU: PagoNxt on verticalisation and trend-setting

Ahead of this year’s Money 20/20 Europe, Finextra asked Sreelekha Sankar, CTO, PagoNxt Merchant Solutions, to respond to key questions tied to the event’s panel titled ‘How verticalisation can become a competitive advantage.’

PagoNxt | Understanding Payments: how Payments work

Payments experiences have changed over the last few decades:

�� Historically, cash was the predominant mode of payment
✔️ Soon after, checks became a practical option for large ticket purchases, allowing shoppers to carry less cash
�� Then came the credit and debit cards – allowing consumers to have thinner wallets but larger purchasing power
�� And now to contactless payments!

Improved technology, customers’ needs for convenience, security measures and regulations have drastically helped transform the way we pay. But technologically, what exactly happens every time you tap your phone, up until the money is received at the other end?

�� Watch and find out!

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PagoNxt | Money20/20 | PagoNxt Merchant Solutions – Getnet | June 2022

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Is a 20% Down Payment on a Home a Mistake?
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