The mission of Outreach at St. Paul’s is “To provide financial support and volunteer effort to individuals and groups outside St. Paul’s parish.”  The committee’s work, therefore, encompasses global and local endeavors.  Subsidized by vestry designated funds and a restricted fund, the committee encourages and supports:

  • Global and local donations – These are annually selected according to need after careful discernment by the committee.  The congregation is encouraged to be part of the committee and participate in this important process.
  • Volunteerism – Members are called upon to be vigilant of the needs of others and to assist whenever possible.  Outstanding volunteer opportunities exist within the organizations we assist financially as well as in the soup kitchen, church office, and Fall Festival.
  • Scrip Program – Gift cards in designated amounts are purchased at a discounted price from numerous businesses.  Congregational purchases are made at face value.  Outreach receives the difference.
  • Medical Equipment Ministry – Medical Equipment is collected and loaned to people inside and outside St. Paul’s as necessary.  These items are then returned when no longer in use.
  • Second Sunday Program – Parishioners make an effort to donate food to St. Paul’s Food Pantry, a separate entity from the Soup Kitchen Food Pantry.  The food donated to St. Paul’s Food Pantry goes directly to the hungry who appear at our church door for assistance.
  • Fall Festival – This is a time for enjoyment and an opportunity to work in the St. Paul’s booth located in a visible spot on West Franklin Street during the hugely popular annual West Side Nut Club Festival.  Proceeds go into a Fall Festival Fund for disbursement to worthy causes by our booth director.