Priest Search

Priest Search

We are built on God’s foundation of faith, love, and service. Come grow with us!


This is an exciting time for St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, as we faithfully prepare to welcome a new priest according to God’s plan. Knowing that this is a process of mutual discernment, we invite interested priests to learn more about our faith community and Evansville, Indiana. Through a series of Holy Conversations, the members of St. Paul’s identified the qualities we seek in a priest as well as our strengths and hopes for the future.

Seeking Dynamic, Caring, Involved, Spiritual Priest!

We are searching for someone who is:

Dynamic – clearly passionate about his/her work and enthusiastically inspires parishioners to use their time, talents, and treasure to serve God.

Caring – compassionate and consistently attentive to the needs, health, and wellbeing of parishioners.

Involved – actively engages with the church as well as the wider community, leading by example and guiding with vision.

Spiritual – connects with the congregation through inspirational sermons tied to scripture, encouraging and supporting the spiritual growth of adults and youth.


A Foundation of Strengths

Established in 1836 by Bishop Jackson Kemper, St. Paul’s has a strong foundation from which to build. It begins with a beautiful, historic church in the midst of Evansville’s historic district. The majestic space suits both the contemplative, prayerful Rite I service at 8 AM and the music-filled, children-friendly Rite II service at 10:30 AM.

Parishioners consider our choir one of St. Paul’s strengths. The musical offerings on Sunday mornings and for special services like Lessons and Carols are a high point for many as we seek to glorify God.

The spiritual formation of our youth is another forte. The Journey to Adulthood program prepares teens to discover God in new places in the company of adult mentors. The congregation has generously supported pilgrimages to England/Scotland, Rome, Alaska, Hawaii, Newfoundland, and Barcelona.

Perhaps most significantly, St. Paul’s is dedicated to serving the poor and hungry. The church is home to Sister Joanna’s Table, which brings nine churches together to feed hundreds of people every Saturday. In addition, St. Paul’s Food Pantry is stocked and open twice a week to assist those in need.


A Future Filled with Promise

New opportunities are starting to blossom in Evansville, especially in our surrounding neighborhood, where St. Paul’s has the potential to grow its membership as well as its impact as a community partner. The church is located in the downtown, historic district near the Evansville Museum and the Ohio River. The riverfront is a focal point for festivals and other community activities, which St. Paul’s could take greater advantage of in the future.

Nearby, the new Indiana University Medical School is under construction and holds great promise for growth with hundreds of students and employees coming downtown. We can already see new businesses and residences opening up in the area.  As downtown continues to evolve into a livelier location, St. Paul’s has the potential to become a “Destination Church,” where people from all walks of life find community, spiritual renewal, and opportunities to serve.


How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Evansville, Indiana! If you discern a possible call to our parish after reviewing our parish profile, please provide a cover letter briefly describing your interest and suitability for this position. Additionally, send an updated personal OTM Portfolio with ALL essay questions answered, a link to audio or video sermon, and your current resume.

Please email all requested materials to the Diocesan Canon for Transition Ministries, the Rev. Canon Debra J. Kissinger, at In the subject line of your email, please write: “Rector, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Evansville, IN, (your last name).”