St. Paul’s is a community of believers who celebrate God’s revealing Himself in his son, Jesus Christ.  We are a family, a community bound together by our common faith.  A number of activities are organized to bring the family together so that we might know each other better.

Dinner Clubs

The dinner clubs are organized geographically and generally meet once a month for dinner, fun and fellowship.  Members of the congregation take turns hosting an event.  This past year some of the events were a wine-tasting party, dinner and the theater, a 60′s night, a summer picnic, a southwestern dinner, a B-B-Q, and many more.  The events are usually announces in the newsletter, bulletin and this website.

Coffee Hour

Members of the congregation take turns hosting the coffee hour following the 10:30 worship.  It is a chance to welcome visitors, members and friends and catch-up on each other’s lives and families.

Fifth Sunday Pot Luck

Normally St. Paul’s has two services on a Sunday: one at 8:00 AM and the other at 10:30 AM.  But in a month when there is a “fifth Sunday,” they have only one service at 9:45 AM followed by a pot luck.  This is a wonderful day when the attenders of the early and later service are in worship together and then in fellowship together around dinner tables.

St. Andrew’s Men’s Club

Dor Doty & Evan Otter

The St. Andrew’s Men’s Club is a fellowship of the men of the church who get together to enjoy each others company and do an activity together.  Their last activity was pizza at Tironi’s and an Otter’s Baseball Game.  Their activities are published in the bulletin, newsletter and this website.  For more information contact Fred Mulfinger at

Special Receptions during Special Seasons

Volunteers of St. Paul’s congregation schedule special celebration receptions during the church year.  The are always elegant and appropriate to the season.