St. Paul’s Fellowship Ministry supports the growth of St. Paul’s by planning, organizing and conducting programs and events that encourage the joy of Christian fellowship within the parish.  They plan receptions for the Easter service, All American Picnic, various potluck suppers, and coffee hour after the Sunday morning Services.

There are several sub-groups of Fellowship:

Coffee Hour:

The fellowship time between and after services is an important time for parishioners to gather and greet each other.  Volunteers work several times throughout the year and more are always welcome.  If you are interested in being a Coffee Hour Volunteer, please call the church office (812-422-9009).

Funeral Receptions:

Receptions following funeral services are a very important and appreciated event by grieving families.

Special Events:

The purpose of the Special Events Ministry is to take on events that are on a larger scale, and take more time and planning than most of the events that Fellowship is normally responsible for.  In previous years they have held “It’s A Grand Night For Singing”, helped with Sunday School Kick-Off and Lunch in August, and worked with ‘Embracing Our Families’ by hosting Rudolph’s Roundup, a pre-Advent event of food, Christmas crafts and fellowship.

Telephone Calling:

Calls are made to church members to communicate upcoming events and to encourage their participation.