How to Become a Member

How to Become a Member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Any person who regularly attends St. Paul’s for worship or who contributes regularly to our ministry – or both – is considered a member of the congregation.  If you are already an Episcopalian, you may transfer your letter of membership to St. Paul’s from another Episcopal parish by contacting our office. If you are not a member of the Episcopal Church and wish to become formally a member, the first step is to be baptized in the name of the Trinity. Because, in our tradition most people are baptized as infants or children, the Christian will later affirm the promises made on his or her behalf during baptism by being received by an Episcopal bishop in a service of Confirmation.  Prior to that service we ask that you attend an Inquirer’s Class.

If you have been both baptized and confirmed by a bishop in another tradition, at the end of the Inquirer’s Class you will be received by a bishop. If you have been baptized and confirmed in another tradition but not by a bishop, or if you have been baptized in another tradition but never confirmed, at the end of the Inquirer’s Class you’ll be confirmed, if you so choose.  If you are an adult and have been neither baptized nor confirmed, after attending the Inquirer’s Class we hope you’ll consent to both.

If this sounds complicated, simply remember this: If you’re not already an Episcopalian we invite you to attend an Inquirer’s Class, offered at least once a year.  After you have had that opportunity to learn more about our faith and traditions, we hope you will allow us to present you to our bishop to become a member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.