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Children’s Sunday school is for kids from 4 years old through 4th grade. St. Paul’s kicks off the Sunday school year at the end of August and wraps it up in May. St. Paul’s children’s Christian education meets on Sunday mornings from 9:15 to 10:15 and follows a workshop rotation curriculum. The students are divided into groups according to their grade. Each month they are taught a different Bible-based lesson. The students then experience that lesson through art, drama, stories, movies or kitchen activities that reinforce the month’s theme. This workshop curriculum strengthens the children’s knowledge of the lesson by reiterating it each week for three weeks in a row. Once a month the children all come together in Webb Hall for a group activity. Usually this lesson revolves around church holidays such as All Saints Day, Blessing of the Animals, and Easter. Each year the students also dedicate a Sunday to raise money for the Heifer Project which helps give working animals to families in need around the world.

After Fr. Richard’s Children’s Sermon each week during the 10:30 service the children are invited to the small chapel for their own service. They sing songs, listen to their own special sermon and say prayers. Each week a different class is responsible for carrying the cross into chapel, lighting the candles and passing the collection plate.

Some special events that the children and youth participate in during the year are Youth Sunday where the students are responsible for many activities during the service.  Each child also gets a special part in the Christmas Pageant that reenacts the birth of Jesus for the whole congregation.  During Lent each child is a secret pal to an adult that they do not know in the church. This helps to bridge the generation gap between the children and adults which forges new friendships.

If you need more information about the children’s Christian education please email Elizabeth Hiett at or call her at 471-1465.