What We Believe

The theological tenets of the Episcopal church are found in two separate sections of The Book of Common Prayer, which is used during worship services and other occasions.

The first section is “An Outline of the Faith -commonly called the Catechism”

The catechism is primarily intended for use by parish priests, deacons,
and lay catechists, to give an outline for instruction. It is a commentary
on the creeds, but is not meant to be a complete statement of belief and
practice; rather, it is a point of departure for the teacher, and it is cast in
the traditional question and answer form for ease of reference.
The second use of this catechism is to provide a brief summary of the
Church’s teaching for an inquiring stranger who picks up a Prayer Book.
It may also be used to form a simple service; since the matter is arranged
under headings, it is suitable for selective use, and the leader may
introduce prayers and hymns as needed.

Click below to see a PDF copy of “An Outline of the Faith – commonly called the catechism:


The second section is called the “Historical Documents of the Church”

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If you have question about the Episcopal theological position, you are invited to contact St. Paul’s rector, Fr. Richard.