About Us

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, an organized presence in Evansville since 1836,  has services on Sunday (8:00 AM and 10:30 AM), Wednesday (12:05 PM) and the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month (A Service of Prayer for Peace at 12:05 PM).  All are welcomed.

Here is a little information about our core values:

  • The belief and practice of the Episcopal Church is that all baptized Christians are welcome to receive Holy Communion.
  • God loves his creation and he loves each and every individual.
  • God is in the world and present with each of his children 24/7, even though they may not recognize it.
  • God desires to be in relationship with his creation.  But in love, he created humanity with a free will.  Humanity has not always followed God’s lead (sin) loosing the loving relationship with God.  God sent his son to show the way to live 24/7 in relationship with God.  Through Jesus’ death and resurrection humanity can see the love God has for us and his mercy to forgive our wayward ways (sin).
  • In worship, education and service to others, the congregation of St. Paul’s seeks to praise God for his love, mercy and presence, which we find in other people, every day events, worship and the Lord’s Supper.

Our contact information is as follows:

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
301 S.E. First Street
Evansville, IN  47713
Telephone: 812-422-9009
FAX: 812-422-1554
email: office@stpaulevv.org